Tenute Quarta

TENUTE QUARTA is a Cru placed at the top of one of the highest hills of the Natural Park of Monte San Barto - lo. In this bonded parcel the soil has an outcropping vein of chalk in a spot of the purest calcareous limestone of the Focara cliff. The vineyard was made with the most advanced clonal selection of Pinot Noir of Napoleonic origin preserved by the Mancini family and the trellis system of the vines was designed to minimise the effects of global warming and obtain slower ripening and better acidity.

This combination of elements allows the production of a white wine with an exalted balance between structure, acidity and the typical minerality and savory character of Fattoria Mancini wines.

Marche Igt Pinot Noir white vinification.

Tenute Quarta


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